Police Searching for Vandals in Surveillance Photo

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HONESDALE — Police in Honesdale believe these are the vandals responsible for thousands of dollars in damage done to some Stourbridge Line Rail cars over the weekend.

The mess was cleaned up before the first ride of the fall foliage season earlier this week.

If you recognize any of the suspected vandals in the photo, call police in Honesdale.



    • magicmikexxsm

      The problem is the parents don’t even care…I had an problem at my first house where teenagers would come after school and cause all kind of hell. for the people living in the area…at 1 point they where throwing rocks at a 90 year old man….I had them arrested and while in court with the kids parents after the judge fined the kids about $600…I was getting a drink from a fountain in city hall, the mother came up behind me, and said Ya know Mr. So and so, if you would of just came to us, I turned around and said you know what if you would have known what your kids are up to at night coming over to my side of town to cause hell, then we wouldn’t even be here right now, well when I told her like it is and she didn’t want to hear that she was going to argue with me in city hall, but a nice cop tapped her on the shoulder and told her to knock it off…..it only matters to these kids parents if you hit them in their pocket book/wallet….

  • Henry the 1/8th

    The fourth child is presumed innocent as he was absorbed in his smart-phone at the time, playing FaceBook and completely oblivious to the actions of his peers.

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