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What to do When it Rains at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS --The attendance numbers aren't in yet, but the rain kept away a lot of people from the Bloomsburg Fair. The people who did come wore ponchos and carried umbrellas.

"It's raining cats and dogs at the fair but that don't keep us away," Patrick Messina said.

There always seems to be at least one day where it rains at the Bloomsburg Fair. Unfortunately for the Beyer Family of Sunbury, this was the only day they could be here.

"We're just walking around, looking at everything, getting something to eat. Just making the best of our day here at the fair," Melissa Beyer said.

When it rains, many fairgoers like to stay dry and check out the exhibition buildings. Patrick Messina and his wife stopped by the educational building while waiting for a food stand to open.

"I said to my wife, we're going inside where it's high and dry, look at this and maybe in a half an hour we'll go back outside and find out if they're ready for soup. But when it's raining this is where to hang out," Messina said.

Some people tell Newswatch 16 the rain doesn't mean much. It just means they do the same things as usual, only in ponchos!

"Walk around, see the animals, eat. Walk around, see the animals, eat," Vern Dehaven said.

In addition to some people checking out the exhibits, others took shelter under the tents and played some games.

Newswatch 16 found a group of people under this tent playing something called, "I Got It"!

Since the animals are kept indoors, many people took advantage of the shelter and admired the cows. Gina Lauer of Elysburg brought her grandchildren.

"You go in the buildings, you see the animals. There's lots of buildings to go in and out to see many, many different things," Lauer said.

Despite the rain, most of the people we spoke with said they were having a really good time at the fair. The only people who were not happy with the weather were the vendors because many of them weren't getting much business.