Students Pack Away Hunger One Lunch at a Time

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CHESTNUT HILL -- Side by side, students, parents, teachers and staff from Pleasant Valley Elementary stuffed brown bags with raisins, juice boxes, tuna fish and more.

"This program has grown from ten students in the beginning to over 75 students participating this year and more and we are just so thrilled to provide for our community,"  said Pleasant Valley Elementary's principal, Erica Greer.

This is the fourth year these bagged meals are being prepared for students in need at Pleasant Valley. They are prepared and handed out to students over long weekends when kids will miss breakfast and lunch at school.

"We have over 1100 little ones K through third that go to our school and right now we're up to 47 percent that need assistance with meals every day," commented the school's dean of students, Valerie Rudawski.

Last year, students received 500 bags of food over the school year. This year's goal is 600, and with donations and help from Kinsley's Shop Rite in Brodheadsville, they're going to make it happen.

"It's wonderful, it feels so good to know that these kids are going to at least have something extra to eat on the weekends. to me as a parent, I can't imagine you know my child opening a cupboard and not having food to eat," commented Louise Hayes of Kresgeville.

This year, Pleasant Valley school officials are hoping to have the bags ready sooner than ever before. Officials are hoping to have the bags ready to hand out over the Columbus day holiday weekend.

"All of the surveys that came back cannot thank us enough for the program, so grateful for the program and really benefit tremendously as the children gain nourishment every time they receive a happy, healthy meal," added Principal Greer.

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