Power To Save: Students Lead Effort to Get Wyoming Area Recycling

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EXETER -- Some students at a high school in Luzerne County have taken the lead to get their district to do more recycling.

Those teenagers hated seeing so many recyclables tossed in the trash

As lunch wraps up at Wyoming Area High School in Exeter, some seniors at the school cringe seeing how many recyclables get thrown away.

"Paper is a big thing," said senior Madison Beppler. "I see a lot of paper in the trash cans and a lot of people drink water bottles, so I think paper and plastic are a big thing."

There are recycle bins around the school but students noticed they're not often used.

"Right now, we need more recycling bins and the thing is the bins we do have are used as another trash bin and we have to get that fixed immediately," said senior Kimberly Ferrara.

Ferrara decided to take the students concerns to the school board. Members unanimously agreed to put her in charge of getting the district recycling.

"I'm so excited. I love that this is getting so much coverage," said Ferrara.

"Some of the facts that she gave out concerning the amount of waste per child in the average school district was alarming," said biology teacher Damien Rutkoski. "I think the people at the school board saw how devastating that is for the environment."

Ferrara has a team to help her -- the school's LEAP group, "Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection."

"The kids here are pretty responsive," said senior Tristan Sokach-Minnick. "A lot of them are on board with it, a lot of members of the club, and I think we'll do well with it."

The students want to quickly get recycle bins near the trash cans in the cafeteria and make them prominent throughout the schools.

They have a lot of other ideas, too.

"it makes me feel pretty good that things are going to change for the better and it's a positive thing for a community," said senior Victoria Braccini.

Their goal is to make the Wyoming Area Warriors, warriors for the environment.