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Old Forge Police Seek Armed Robber

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OLD FORGE -- Police in Lackawanna County are looking for a would-be robber who was only unsuccessful because of the daring acts of his would-be victim.

Police in Old Forge say they don't recommend anyone do what a man in his 70s did Wednesday to ward off an armed robber. He was able to grab the robber's gun and get away.

Now police are asking for help in finding their suspect.

A man in his 70s told police that a masked robber approached him outside his home on Sibley Avenue and demanded his truck and money. When the man refused, the robber pulled a gun.

The man still didn't give in. Instead, he grabbed the barrel of the gun, pushed the robber out of the way, jumped in his truck, and started calling for help.

It's drawn strong reactions from neighbors.

"I was like, 'what?' He must have been crazy! You know, I would have said, 'here,' throw the keys just to get rid of him; just get him out of the area. i said who would do that in their right mind.?"

"He got himself out of the situation but we don't tell people to attack a suspect, especially when there's a firearm involved," said Old Forge Police Chief Jason Dubernas,

Chief Dubernas says the robbery victim took on a lot of risk, but because the robbery suspect was forced to walk away, police now have surveillance video of him.

Security camera image of alleged armed robber

Security camera image of alleged armed robber

Police believe the robber targeted his victim specifically.

"To pick on this gentleman, somebody knew who he was, or knew the area, to pick this gentleman, our victim," said the chief.

Though police say the robbery attempt is an isolated incident, neighbors say they're still locking their doors and spending less time outside.

"This is an older neighborhood. My parents are both elderly and if I'm not here, they're at risk. Just about every house in this area, none of their children are here with them, they're at risk, and it's scary."

If you recognize the man in those surveillance pictures, you are asked to call Old Forge Police.


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