Death Investigation Confirmed, Neighbors in Saylorsburg Nervous

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- Officials now confirm it is a death investigation they are looking into at a home in the Poconos.

For the last three days, state police, detectives, and other units have been digging in the backyard of a home near Saylorsburg.

But the mystery behind what they are still digging for has residents on edge.

Since Tuesday, a stretch of Woodhaven Drive in Ross Township has been filled with state police and detective vehicles.

We know they are investigating a death but the reason behind the continued digging remains a mystery.

The home belongs to Michael and Cathy Horvath.

We spoke with some neighbors who feel a little uneasy and left in the dark over this death investigation.

For the last three days, Stephen Lemmon has seen dozens of state police and detective vehicles parked in front of his neighbor's house where a death investigation is underway.

"Definitely a surprising sight," said Lemmon. "I have lived here my whole life and they have lived there since I can only imagine, and this is the first time anything like this has happened up here."

Property records show Michael and Cathy Horvath live in this home the couple built it in 1997.

Besides filing for divorce in 2013 and later canceling, and a DUI charge against Michael in May there isn't much else on the couple.

Lemmon has known the Horvaths for the past 15 years and can't believe what is going on.

"They keep to themselves. They are very nice people every time I have talked to them. Nothing suspicious has ever come up with them."

Authorities have been digging in the back of the home since Tuesday, but this isn't the first time digging equipment was spotted in the backyard.

"They brought an excavator in about, earlier this year, late last year. That's the only thing I can think of," Lemmon added.

Neighbors tell us seeing all the state police cars makes them very nervous but what makes them more nervous is that authorities are not saying much about what is going on here in their relatively quiet neighborhood.

"Scary, uneasy, we are concerned," said Dione Molony. "We have kids and we just don't know what's going on."

The couple's whereabouts still remain unknown.

State police said they plan to be there until at least next week.


  • prom night dumpster baby

    I wonder if it was one of Bill and Hillary’s old summer homes. The fiftysome people fromthe Clinton’s “death list” must be buried somewhere. Except for Vince Foster, we already know his body was left haphazardly in the park.

  • Dan Wesson NRA Proud

    I really hope they figure this out soon so the local folks can get back to a normal life. My thoughts are with you. Hopefully it will be nothing. Good Luck to all


    I can bet dollars to donuts that this is a case of a home invasion by illegal goons gone wrong. The police are keeping things under wraps because they don’t want what happened in Charlotte happening here. We need stronger gun laws in this country so that we can defend ourselves from the dope addicted illegal fiends that are plaguing our communities! Only President Trump has the fortitude under the belt to get things done! Sick Hillary would rather talk, give money to and try to rehabilitate these people! Perhaps they can be rehabilitated on the other side of the wall on Mexico’s dime. God bless President Trump!! Make America Great Again!

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