Vendors Dealing with Rain at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- "Rain, rain, go away." That's what many of the vendors at the Bloomsburg Fair were thinking as the rain fell hard.

"It's an experience working here at the fair in the rain," said vendor Michael Batiuk.

Employees at "Hewlett's Famous Hot Sausage" say they usually have a long line by mid-morning, but not today. They had only sold about a handful of sandwiches.

"It's a shame and, I mean, we need the rain. We really do, real bad, but for business, it's not very good," said Batiuk.

It always seems to rain at least once during the Bloomsburg Fair. Typically, those days are not as busy. Sometimes vendors do not stay open when it rains.

Noah Drumheller has had a successful week selling furniture at the fair, but when it rains business seems to dry up.

"We might close if it doesn't get any busier," Drumheller said. "We haven't been real busy. It's kind of a washout. It's expected at the Bloom Fair, but who knows."

Some vendors plan ahead for when it rains and have indoor seating so people can still enjoy food without getting wet.

"Sometimes rain days are not bad for us because we have the seating to put people down and they can come in and get out of the rain and still enjoy fair," said vendor Cheri Bissinger.

"Bissinger's Apple Dumplings" didn't have its usual crowd, either. After many years at the Bloomsburg Fair, owner Cheri Bissinger knows what to expect on rainy days. She's used to the wet weather.

"Every year. The only good thing this year was the senior citizens got a day without rain."

The rain didn't seem to bother many of the visitors to this year's fair.