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Bridge Work in Scranton Nearing End

SCRANTON -- Work on a bridge in Scranton could finally be finished by the end of the year.

PennDOT says the new Rockwell Avenue bridge should be in place by the end of November.

The road will have to be paved after that.

PennDOT expects drivers will be able to use the new bridge in Scranton sometime in December.


  • JohnKimball

    To think this is the same country that built the hoover dam, in the middle of nowhere, in about 5 years. How long has it now taken to build this tiny bridge? And 4 out of 5 times I ride my bike by there (on weekdays), nobody’s working. What is wrong with this picture?

  • tomtom

    it’s ready now, but the unions have until the end of the year and have to spend all the allocated money or they won’t get the same amount of money and time for similar work projects

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