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6-Year-Old ‘Volunteer Firefighter’ Will Melt Your Heart

AURORA, Colo. — When a 6-year-old Aurora boy spotted smoke coming from something a few blocks from his house on Sunday, he responded in the cutest way possible.

The boy, Reily Doi-Jared, got his mom to drive him to the fire on South Pitkin Way and offered to help firefighters, reports KDVR.

But first, he put on the firefighter costume he wore for Halloween when he was 3 years old.


(Photo: Shane Anthony/AuroraNews1)

Members of the Aurora Fire Department took a shot break from overhauling the fire to consult with the young first responder, according to Shane Anthony who captured photos of the adorable scene.


(Photo: Shane Anthony/AuroraNews1)

Reily told Anthony he’d met firefighters before but said, “This is my first time to a real fire!”

Anthony said a police officer at the scene gave Reily an honorary police badge.