Treasures Found by Digging out Old Outhouses

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Bob Salaki stood in a hole behind a house on Grace Street in Williamsport. One hundred years ago, you wouldn't want to go near that hole, but now, Salaki is digging for buried treasures.

"Everything that they didn't want or threw away or they lost, I find it in these holes," said Salaki.

The hole Salaki stood in used to be beneath an outhouse. For the past five years, Salaki and his friend Robert E. Lee (yes, that's his real name) have spent hours digging together.

This is a hobby for the two who go by a name we can't use, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

“That is tile that's high-end tile. It's almost like stained glass," said Robert E. Lee.

"We find a lot of bones, and when people ask me where they are from, I say I think I've found Jimmy Hoffa,” said Salaki.

These diggers have to get through two to three feet of dirt before they actually find something. Although they could be selling the artifacts, instead they are displaying them right in Williamsport.

"I didn't know it was back there. I’m not even sure how he knew it was back there," said Kyle Herrlinger.

The duo use dated maps to help them locate where property lines used to sit, so they can better locate the outhouses. The items Salaki finds he puts on display.

"Well, you know, to me I just like people to see I’m very proud of this town,” said Salaki.

With hundreds of outhouses left to dig in Williamsport, Salaki hopes he'll be busy digging up other people's toilets for a while.


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  • hobbyist

    I do this all the time in the Ed’s Heads around our area. I use a small guage fishing net and a metal detector. I’ve found rings, coins, stuff like that. My wife tells me I’m disgusting. She has no problem showing off her wedding ring to everybody though.

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