Dogs, Cats Found in Filthy Conditions

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- Police in Columbia County are investigating a case of animal neglect that left four animals in such bad condition, two of them had to be put to sleep.

The Animal Resource Center, based in Bloomsburg, for the first time this year, has a stand at the Bloomsburg Fair.

It was there that a man came up to the stand and said he was concerned about his neighbor and her pets. That led authorities to find two dogs and two cats living in such horrible conditions that the cats could not be saved.

The two dogs -- Fluffy and Bambi -- look like happy dogs now.

"We named her Fluffy because of the condition she was in; it was awful."

About a week ago, Bambi and Fluffy were found in a home near Bloomsburg locked in a crate.

Animal resource officials from Bloomsburg believe they were left in a crate for about year, based on the amount of filth they were lying in.

"Bambi only had, like, this much at the top of the cage to move around. And fluffy the same thing. It was bad," said Vicki Hess, Animal Resource Center.

Fluffy had to get all her hair shaved off and Bambi couldn't walk initially when she was found.

Two cats also found in the house had it even worse.

The cats were in very bad shape. The one had to be euthanized right away because she had ulcers in her mouth. The other one they tried to save, but couldn't save," said Linda Bird, Animal Resource Center.

While Scott Township police investigate this case of animal abuse, officials at the shelter say this shows why for every person who harms animals, there needs to be someone willing to help animals like these.

"We are never going to shut our doors to them, but we definitely need the help," said Hess. "We need the support for the community to help keep going, and keep doing what were are doing."



    Oh my goodness! Why? Why don’t the wack job, worthless “things” that do this kind of thing just surrender the pets instead of torturing them? It’s very sad.

    • whatever831

      There was a warning about the images if you didn’t want to look you did not have to. I think they did the right things showing the pictures of the conditions, while they were horrendous, so many disgusting people have animals living like that! I’m glad they had a stand and that someone showed concern and compassion for those animals, and opened their mouth. I’m so glad they’ll have a better life. My animals are family members, I don’t understand how some people don’t have the brain capacity for life and taking care of things. So sad.

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