Western Wayne New Softball Complex Under Construction For Spring Of 2017

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Western Wayne softball coach Joe Romanowski and Superintendent Joe Adams along with other administration tour the site of the future home for the Wildcats softball team. It was the spring of this year when playing conditions deteriorated to the point of no repair. The outfield was four feet off level, weeds had invaded the cut outs in the infield, and poor drainage continued to be a problem.

"Fortunately we had a nice spring weather wise so we we're able to get out onto the facility earlier than most schools in the area, but when we came out the field was four feet out of level, all the water would drain into the infield, so under a normal spring condition we would probably have difficulty having practice times," said Joe Romanowski.

"When Joe was hired that year along with me for our first year we took a walk. It didn't meet the standards of Western Wayne with all of our facilities, so we decided that we we're going to do it," said Joe Adams.

At a cost of $150,000 this fall project came together with the help of many people in this Wayne County community.

"He took the ball from there and we are very, very thankful. We had some parents work on the project and we are trying to turn around the program slowly, but this is definitely a right step in the right direction," added Joe Romanowski.

"This is an opportunity for kids to play on a world-class field like all of our other facilities. There is a great pride factor in our community and it means an awful lot to them to have a field that has the same standard as all of our other facilities. We are really excited about it," added Joe Adams.

The seed will be put down here in the next few weeks so that will give it just enough time for the grass to grow then the girls can be out here in the spring of 2017 to start their high-school softball season.

"We'll you don't just want a kid to come out just because you have a beautiful facility. You want a kid to come out because she in this case because she wants to play softball and represent Western Wayne. And the benefit is the icing on the cake and that they have a beautiful facility to play on," added Joe.

Coach Romanowski plans on having an opening day sometime in March. Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Wayne County.