Viewers Offer Opinions on Presidential Debate

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WILKES-BARRE -- It is already being called the most watched political debate in history. Tens of millions of people tuned in to see the two major party candidates for president present their plans.

But is that what viewers and voters feel they got?

It was a commercial-free 90 minutes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the first time the two stood on the same stage and debated in this presidential campaign.

Wilkes University Professor Jane Elmes-Crahall watched as a voter, a former debate moderator, and political science and communications professor. She points out the historical purpose of a debate is to give voters a better understanding of each candidate's plan should that person assume the highest office in this country.

From her perspective, this debate entertained more than it informed.

"I honestly think a two-party debate, we are not going to see that in the future because it isn't doing the voters much good," said Prof. Elmes-Crahall.

Elmes-Crahall and other voters are looking toward the scheduled second and third debates if they happen.

"Straighten this country out," said Joe Anella, when asked what he wanted from the candidates.  "We are in deplorable condition. We are in very deplorable conditions."

"I hope the candidates distinguish themselves more from one another than they have in this one," said Marcia Balesster.

If the candidates agree to debate again, the debates are scheduled for October 9 and October 19.


  • A Single Vote

    Personally I think the moderator was biased and further never asked Clinton the hard questions, ie: the lost and deleted Emails, the lies to the FBI, the Benghazi failure. Instead he aksed stupid questions of Trump to try to embarrass him from the past. The argument of his position on the Iraq war, the birther issue, something about the justice department suing many companies for racial discrimination from forty years ago that amounted to nothing and I also think Trump gave Clinton a pass. After all he could have nailed her when she was asked about home grown terrorists, he could have replied with how is she going to do that bringing in eight hundred immigrants without verifying them from the middle east?, and the really laughable question about cyber security. He never mentioned that a hacker was convicted and sentenced for hacking into hers and the FBI`s statements about the carelessness of classified Emails that were obviously hacked. As to the economy she spewed out the same old tired rhetoric and ideas that have left the middle class in shambles and ran up a 20 trillion dollar debt and have been used by Democrats for the last 30 years, in other words no new ideas. More regulation, higher taxes and government giveaways and by the way she even mentioned solar power. Obama invested 5 million dollars in a solar plant that wen`t bankrupt costing taxpayers their entire investment. Trump`s ideas were common sense and based on figures that could produce economic prosperity. The differences in my view were stark. Let`s see what happens next debate.

  • Save us all Donald

    If Clinton gets to the white house she can tell you any kind of lie she wants and you have no choice but to swallow it. Just remember Lincoln freed the slaves (who were black the last history book I looked at). President Reagan Was one of our most outstanding Presidents. Both were shot by Democrats. You are spot on. ( last chance to save America.)

    • E

      Lincoln’s actions freed the slaves. Trump is the preferred candidate of white supremacists.
      Reagan was a respectable man, but his economic policies opened a huge gap between the middle and upper class. That is the only way Trump would resemble Reagan.
      Trump personifies everything we tell children not to be…. selfish, egotistical, rude, refuses to take personal responsibility, dishonest, etc. but many think somehow he will lead us well. He has no concept of fact vs. opinion. Every time he says “believe me” you know he’s saying something with no factual backing.
      And would you folks please acknowledge that taxing the wealthy and big business less will not benefit anyone but the wealthy. There’s this republican fantasy that if the already wealthy CEO’s just made a little more they’d start sharing the wealth by paying employees more, and hiring more people. It’s a nice thought, but as Donald likes to say that’s not smart business. You have CEO’s making multi-millions every year that sincerely believe that paying someone more than $7/hr is too much. Forget about party affiliation, do some independent thinking, and find what really keeps incomes from rising. Start voting in your own best interest instead of listening to people who couldn’t care less about you.

  • magicmikexxsm

    I’d say it was a tie, trump didn’t hurt himself, and gave straight answers like his tax cut plan 15% for everyone, what was Hillary’s?????? oh that’s right she said go to my web site….or buy her book …LOL Hillary looked like a Stepford wife from that old move, gave stock DNC talking point answers… Trump said Hillary has been in politics for 30 plus years, and hasn’t done a damn thing to fix it, so all of a sudden now she’s gonna fix it…..I don’t think so….plus Trump was debating 2 people last night 1 Hillary and 2 Lester Holt, the last 4 questions where clearly bias questions…like the one about trump being sued 40 years ago along with a host of other people..Really why didn’t Holt ask Hillary why she didn’t stick up fir Gen Flowers when Hillary did her, and Monica??????? I bet Trump gets a small bounce from this debate over Hillary……

    • Pennsylvania Pete

      Can we at least agree that he lost last night? I know someone will bring up the biased user polls on conservative news sites and news sites where people are mad that Bernie isn’t in.. But from a neutral viewer perspective Hillary took it..

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