The Dog Days of the Semester

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SCRANTON -- The University of Scranton was full of wagging tails and soft whiskers Tuesday to offer students a break from their "ruff" studies.  Students and faculty are getting ready for midterms and the dogs help ease the stress.

The University of Scranton Ministries holds its pet therapy day twice each year.  More than 40 dogs and their owners come to campus to meet students. A wag of the tail can go a long way to relieve stress.

"Midterms are starting next week, so everybody's all on edge, so this gives everybody that chance to just zen out and play with some cute fluffy puppies!" said senior student Sydney Smith.

"It's great. It's a really fun break in the day because we finish morning classes. There's a break between afternoon. It's just a really fun time to decompress and just have fun with everybody here," added student Kayla Collins.

While the four-legged therapists are here for every student, the day is extra special for some of them because it's also a reunion.

Senior nursing student Ann Marie Marzen got a special visit from her parents, and Finn the terrier mix.

"Ann Marie wanted a break from class and we love dogs, and we figured he would love dogs, too," said Ann Marie's dad, Len Marzen.

Hoover the Great Pyrenees was having a great day.  His family came all the way from New Jersey to see their student and say hello to dozens of others.

"I think this is great. I see what a relaxing and calming effect he has on us at home, you come in the door and he's waiting at the door, you know? I see what he does for us and this must be great. The kids can take a break," added Hoover's owner Herb Lowe.