Lots New to See and Do at The Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- A little more than 195,000 people have visited the Bloomsburg Fair since Friday, and there are some new attractions for them to check out.

Anyone who is sad to see that the traditional elephant attraction was not back this year should not worry. There is a new tiger show that took its spot and it drew a large crowd.

Normally when you come to the Bloomsburg Fair, you don't see a building that's under construction, but by time the fair is over this year, a barn is expected to be finished. A group of Amish men from Watsontown has the task of building a barn here at the fair.

The barn used to be located in nearby Mount Pleasant Township but it was taken apart and brought to the fair. Once it is done, it will house antiques from the fair's farm museum.

People enjoy watching how fast the men work.

"I think it's so interesting how quick they do it and how efficient they are and how industrious they are because anyone who knows them knows that they can put it up in no time," said Jill Sysock of Dushore.

If barn raising isn't your thing, you may want to check out the free tiger show. There used to be an elephant show in the same spot, but it's now replaced by Brunon Blaszak's tigers. There are three shows each day and they can draw a large crowd.

The shows are free and run at 1, 4, and 7 p.m.

"I love tigers, so yeah, it's nice so far. It just started, but it's nice so far," said Carol Burke of Lakewood, New Jersey.

If the tigers are too scary for the little ones, they can check out some singing chickens. It's a puppet show!

And after taking a year off, the poultry exhibits are back at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Karen Wasilewski has chickens at her home in Paxinos and likes seeing them at the fair.

"It's great! It's very noisy and smelly, but I love it," she said. "I look forward to looking at all the different kinds."

Besides the new attractions, there are new displays inside some of the exhibition halls.

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