Judge orders soldier to carry photo of drowned puppy in his wallet

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A Fort Bragg soldier who intentionally drowned his 8-month-old puppy in 2015 was ordered by a judge Tuesday to keep a photo of the dog in his wallet.

Police said Burrow tied up the pup named Riley then threw the animal into MacFadyen Pond in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

On Jan. 2, 2015, the dog’s body washed ashore.

Burrow allegedly told investigators that the mixed lab-shepherd pup had run from home several times, and he and his wife could not afford the bills after the dog got hurt.

John Burrow will have to carry a photo of the lab mix puppy, Riley, he hog-tied and drowned in a lake, according to a judge's unique sentencing guidelines.

John Burrow will have to carry a photo of the lab mix puppy, Riley, he hog-tied and drowned in a lake, according to a judge’s unique sentencing guidelines.

Burrow’s neighbors were furious, especially those who had given the couple┬áhundreds of dollars to help pay the veterinarian, according to WRAL.

Cumberland County Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons handed down the unusual sentence after accepting John Burrow’s guilty plea to a charge of felony animal cruelty.

Ammons also sentenced Burrow 30 days in jail and 100 hours of community service, which he may serve cleaning out the cages at Cumberland County Animal Control.

He won’t be allowed to own a pet for five years.

Burrow’s wife, 22-year-old Kelsey Caroline Burrow, could also face punishment for a misdemeanor charge of being an accessory after the fact.


  • Mimi

    This is the lamest sentence. This man is a menace to society, and carrying a photo of a dog he clearly cared nothing about is a PALTRY sentence. He should be imprisoned, lest he commit further crimes against the innocent (those who harm animals easily do the same to children and other vulnerables), and 5 years no pets?! Come the hell on. He should NEVER be allowed to own pets, ever. The few and the brave indeed. The army can keep him. Send him somewhere really dangerous. Ew.

    • PSU Alumni

      If you took the time to read the full article, we was sentenced to jail time. Carrying the photo wasn’t his only punishment. And please, don’t wish death upon people who decide to serve this country, unless you are willing to stand up and serve as well.

  • Truth

    The taxpayers can’t afford to foot the bill for him to sit in prison for 30 days either. I guess we should tie him up and throw him in a pond too!! He’s a disgraceful human being!

  • Gloria Yatsko

    Perhaps my statement is a harsh criticism of one who served our country, and it may well be that other servicemen find it hard to understand. No one actually sits in the seat of judgment here on earth. Yet, I become incensed when an injustice is done to any living being whether man or animal. How can someone who would give his service to others be so heartless when it involves a living creature that gives love and loyalty unconditionally?

  • Gloria Yatsko

    So..let me understand this one. Should a family member become ill or experience an injury which becomes costly, his answer to the situation would be to tie the person up and throw them into a pond? This man is deserving of much more punishment than 30 days and community service. My suspicion is that he pocketed the money donated by such wonderfully caring neighbors and ditched the dog in a horrific manner by subjecting it to drowning. I can visualize doing the same to him with relish, but unfortunately.. it’s against the law. He can ignore the picture that he carries with him by shoving it in a corner of his wallet where it remains unseen, but I believe that one so callously cruel and cold-hearted would never be affected by the photograph at all.

  • WTH

    This is one of those times when you have to realize that just because someone is a soldier, cop, priest, or even yo momma that doesn’t make them automatically an awesome human being. What a loser.

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