Gerrity’s Supermarket One Step Closer to the Poconos

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- In the Mount Effort Plaza in Chestnuthill Township, you'll find several businesses.  One thing that's missing? An anchor store.

But that is expected to change, Gerrity's Supermarket plans to move in and people there can't wait.

"Eight years we've been hearing, 'Oh, next year, next year, next year,' but now it looks like, finally, they got things together, permits gathered so hopefully we will see something soon," said Freddie Alvarez, Original Vincent's Pizzeria.

According to Chesnuthill Township officials, the planning stage is moving along. Sewage testing in currently underway.

The plan is to build the supermarket from the ground up in the lot just off Route 115 in Effort.

Jodi Padavano owns the Subway in the plaza, she's been waiting for work to begin.

"I watch every day. Very excited, and we've even messaged Gerrity's, 'When are you coming? When are you coming?' You know, asking the landlord and I know it's a process, but we are hopeful and excited," said Padavano.

One of the big reasons people are looking forward to having this Gerrity's built is because there are no other grocery stores for about 10 miles. So having one built right here in this plaza will be a big convenience.

"Especially in the winter, it will be easy and a lot more accessible for everyone around. Even at the top of the mountain because all the way down you have to go all the way to Blakeslee," said Veronica Silcilia of Long Pond.

The Gerrity's store in the Poconos would be its first outside of Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.

"We would like it sooner rather than later. We think it's great. It will help the shopping center," said Padavano.

Township officials tell Newswatch 16, once the sewage testing is complete, more planning can begin.

There is no specific timetable for when the store expects to break ground.