After Nazi Flag Controversy, Questions Over What Is Offensive at Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg Fair is a family fair. So fair officials say when they got word Nazi flags were being displayed by a vendor, they had the vendor remove them. When they learned the vendor was a registered sex offender, he was asked to leave, and he did.

Fair officials say with about 800 vendors, they can't do background checks unless there's a specific issue or complaint.

"Oh, it's impossible, and if you started background checks on everyone that came in, you may not have a fair,” said President Paul Reichart.

Fair officials also say there are no written guidelines for merchandise, but again, if there's a complaint, they will investigate on a case-by-case basis.

"This isn't the place to be showing the Nazi flag. It is offensive to other people. It has a lot of meaning behind it, so, I thought it shouldn't be shown,” said Keith McLane of Pottsville.

Some people Newswatch 16 spoke with say they actually find some profanity and images they've seen here at the fair more offensive than that Nazi flag.

"As far as I am concerned, if he had permission to begin with the Bloomsburg Fair, paid for his booth, they should have recognized what he was selling in the first place. I have no problem with what he was selling. I'm not offended easily,” said John Swink of Winfield.

The vendor next to the man who was displaying the Nazi flag is Jewish and says he was shocked the man had to leave the fair. He sells t-shirts, some of which have profanity on them and says he keeps them in the back of his tent and if there are ever complaints, he simply takes them down.

Confederate flags are displayed at various spots throughout the fair, too, but most people Newswatch 16 spoke with had no problem with those, compared to the Nazi flag.

"I think that's a part of United States history. I think that that should be allowed. That's part of our history in the United States. Nazism isn't part of United States history," said Sandy McLane of Pottsville.


  • Local resident

    I am a lifelong local resident and have been attending the fair for over 50 years. I am not offended by anything being sold at the fair. If I don’t like it, I don’t look at it. It’s called free enterprise. I did not care for the Semi-truck trailer with the advertisements for Trump at the exit from the fairgrounds. I wouldn’t have cared for it if the ad was for Clinton. The fair has not in the past and should not now have political advertising.

  • Discusted

    That’s not as offensive as the fair stealing money from the bloomsburg college student’s charity. That is what I find offensive.

  • CeeMee

    Lots of people served in WWII. Plenty of people grew up in Germany during the war and are now U.S. citizens. Nazism might interest them. That doesn’t mean they’re hateful. It’s a part of THEIR history. One anyone has the right to be interested in. Besides, if Nazi symbols are done away with, how will future generations know of their horror? I’m betting all the “offended” busybodies, never thought of that.

  • Feed Me More

    everyone needs to make a living, theres a buyer for everything, and to kick someone out because they are a sexual offender, which you or anybody can get for taking a leak in the bushes behind your house if someone saw it and called the police, well thats just prejudice. its time people start looking out for each other instead of trying to bring down everyone else because its something you dont like, if you dont want it dont buy it and move on, and live your life and let them live theirs. trying to make money is the way of life so let them be

  • Maybe...

    I get not being offended and having a thicker skin. Some of us are better built for things that have shock value. But if you approve or condone what it stands for, you are deplorable.

  • ray6770

    Why can’t we just be a normal country with normal people? My choices are for a dummy that will let *lacks run wild or the other that will let *ednecks run wild, we are making North Korea and others look so nice and civilized!

  • ray6770

    It was sad, really sad the way Hillary beat down Trump it was like watching a two year old little girl get beat up on the playground, WOMP WOMP WOMP WAHHHHHHHHH,,,people with red necks sharked in their underoos everywhere !!!

    • CeeMee

      What does that have to do with anything? Winning a debate, as not everyone agrees Hillary did with her juvenile Mark Cuban comments and ugly smirks, and winning the presidency, are two different things. Besides, she should still be indicted for her email thing. She’s letting the underlings get grilled for it. Nice.

  • ray6770

    I just seen a mirror with a MARIJUANA LEAF on it and that is much more offensive because that represents the destruction of America and Americas youth, someone should HANG TO DEATH for that, I HATE POTHEADS!

  • North & South

    I had family on both the Union and Confederate sides, some even in the same immediate family. I am proud of both my Union & Confederate soldiers who served, were wounded, in prison camps, and died. So I am not ashamed to fly both the Union and Confederate flags. It is my family history. But I feel selling and displaying the Nazi flag is extremely offensive. The Nazis represented pure evil. Allowing people to sell and display this symbol of hatred is offensive to this country and the world.

  • Worse things than that flag there!

    But yet at fairs you can win mirrors with dirty sex stuff on them and they are used for snorting dope!

  • Marvin

    Sure it was just a coincidence that the person who took the original photo just happened to get the Trump flag in the frame. Yes, the flag is about hate and I hate it. But what I hate also is the biased liberal media. If I used foul language I would say a lot more. But I will let God be the judge.

    • Bob knows

      YES! Look deeper at who took that picture. It was Chloe Winters, a graduate student from Clarion University who specializes in using and abusing social media for her hidden agenda. This was all a Trump hit piece in disguise.

      • Bob knows

        She was an intern at WBRE-TV , She works for Eagle Media Productions. This was all scripted. Thank you Clarion University for “educating” this young woman into a social justice warrior. I am offended at her abuse of social media.

    • Maybe...

      She didn’t stage the photo. She snapped a photo. Anything unflattering to Trump gets labeled liberal media (bad press, bad polls, ACTUAL quotes of his where he is flat out lying and it’s fact checked by his own twitter feed…) It’s pathetic. And what are the responses from? Conservative media! Because that’s not biased, right?


    The thing that really offends me at the fair is the degenerates who flock to the fair. The “baby-mommas” with a homemade triple stroller made from three individual strollers each with a baby a different shade of brown, and a different father. The goons with their baggy clothing and bandanas over their faces ready to hustle you down or worse. The fair would be a great way to round up all the illegals and ship them back to where they came from since they all love not working and going to the fair.

    • Real History Lessons

      You are Italian with black hair right? You know how you got that black wavy coif? Use your internet connection to find out.

  • American Nazis Happens

    The American Nazi Party (ANP) was first an American political party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. Its headquarters was in Arlington, Virginia. Rockwell founded organization as the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), but renamed it the American Nazi Party in 1960.[5] The party was based largely upon the ideals and policies of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party in Germany during the Nazi era, and embraced its uniforms and iconography.[6][B]

    The Rockwell organization broke up shortly after he was assassinated in 1967. Since the late 1960s there have been a number of small groups that have used the name “American Nazi Party”.

  • edokko88

    Wrong, Ms McLaine. The Confederate flag represented rebellion against the United States. Thousands of Pennsylvanians, including many of our ancestors, died or were wounded because of what that flag represented. Go to Gettysburg and learn that the Confedeates were planning to attack the coal regions. That flag, and the Nazi flag, is an affront to our veterans who died during Workd War Ii.

  • Are these our children?

    See that! If anyone has any remote right to be offended, wouldn’t it be the fine Jewish gentleman next door? Yet, we have all of the brainiacs coming out of college who are offended. They take the phones out of their faces and notice something that isn’t perfect and complain so someone else can handle it. SOFT


      I am actually a Nazi memorabilia collector. I don’t collect it for what the Nazi’s stand for…. I collect it because it is one of the most trying times of our modern history and I want to preserve this history so in future generations, they can look back and know that it DID happen and know what to prevent from happening again. If it was a historic Nazi flag, then I would say that would be an excellent addition to my collection, but if it was a replica (which I can say it probably was), then a collector would have no reason to purchase it…… but, to add, I am also a firm believer in your first amendment right. He can sell whatever he wants. If you are offended…. move on. You don’t have to buy from him. At most, I would say they should have asked him to put it behind his stand and continue selling his other flags, but again… I don’t see a problem with it. Furthermore, to contribute to his sex offender status…. the man is at a fair conducting business. Is he babysitting your kids? Is he sitting outside of your children’s school waiting for them to walk home? No, he is not. He has a right to conduct business just like anyone else. I have no idea who this man is, but I must say, his rights are being trampled upon many more times than your non-existent right to not be offended.

      • K

        Id like for some of these folks that thought this Nazi flag was offensive to worry about bigger issues..Offense has no meaning and it is just YOUR BELIEF and personally I don’t care..Move On!! I wonder if all the folks that do have this same belief walked around and looked at all the cases of pins and patches that are being sold. I was there yesterday and noticed quite a few Swastikas throughout the fair. Are you going to ask those vendors to leave too?? Hell, even one lady selling such jewelry had a swastika pin on her shirt..Guess no one paid attention to those small details and I surely didn’t take a photo because who cares..people are there to make MONEY!! This guy that was removed has been to Bloom MORE THAN ONCE SELLING STUFF!! Really??

      • CeeMee

        Someone I know brought back some Nazi stamps from WWII. Other people have similar memoribilia, because they find it a fascinating time in world history. They’re all nice people.

      • Advocate

        Exactly. I’m white, but if I walked past a black guy hanging from a tree, I don’t think it’s overly PC of me to cut him down just because I’m not black too.

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