Skate Park in Stroudsburg Closed Due to Crime

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STROUDSBURG -- A skate park in Stroudsburg is now closed after numerous assaults and cases of vandalism.

Stroudsburg's borough manager said they closed the park off Main Street after receiving a request from Stroud Area Regional Police.

Police said there have also been cases of underage drinking at the park.

The borough manager said they closed the park for 30 days starting on September 15.

While the skate park is closed, the borough will explore options including moving the park to a spot with more visibility.


  • Gloria Yatsko

    Some younger people have developed a sense of entitlement that reaches far beyond their capacity for gratitude. The skate park was established for the enjoyment of those who wish to take advantage of a safer venue in which to practice skateboarding techniques, rollerblading, (etc); and to socialize with other like-minded individuals with shared interests. Such a shame that a handful of young people would set out to ruin a good thing for those who are grateful for an area that they might otherwise never have had access to in any other town. Had the borough of Stroudsburg not taken the safety and enjoyment of these young people into consideration, there simply would have been no special place for them at all. Defacement of property, fighting, bullying, underage drinking, and assaults are the order of the day due to the sad fact that these [vandals/delinquent juveniles] have no fear of reprisal for their wrongdoing and so perpetuate this disruptive and unruly behavior. (Amounting to #lookatmeImsocool). Okay, you’re not. So now for a bit of hand-holding and the treatment reserved for kindergarten students. Watching you.

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