Robert Morris Elementary Safe, Classes Resume Tuesday

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SCRANTON -- Classes will resume Tuesday at Robert Morris Elementary School in Scranton after air tests came back clean on Monday.

Officials closed the school Monday after concerns of possible mold contamination in the building.

"We are very pleased to report today that we did a cleaning of the school over the weekend. We retested the air quality today and the air quality came back normal," said Superintendent Alexis T. Kirijan.

Professional cleaning services were on hand with ventilation equipment in every classroom and the gym.

Officials say rainfall from this past summer led to Friday's discovery of air quality problems in the school.

Frances Hart has two children attending the school.

"They were there already for three weeks and they just found out the air quality is not good in the school. It's not good as far as I am concerned," said Hart.

School officials sent out a letter to parents and teachers on Monday assuring them there's nothing to worry about when students return to class. For Hart, that's a relief.

"My kids walk here every day. I walk them down. I walk down to get them. They're right here. I'd hate to see the school close. I don't want it to close. I don't want to have to transport them somewhere else," Hart said.