Presidential Candidates Hope to Win over Undecided Voters in First Debate

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SCRANTON -- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to face off in the first presidential debate Monday night (WATCH LIVE HERE). The question is: will the debate help any undecided voters make up their minds?

Newswatch 16 talked with undecided voters in Scranton who feel scandals and other issues have plagued Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and made it even harder to decide who to vote for.

“It just seems like a lot of nonsense going on. It's like a drama or a stage play. The stupid things that are said, you get tired of it,” said Charles Schoch of Scranton.

Maggie Ortilbe is a sophomore at the University of Scranton. Between school and work, she says it's hard to keep up with media coverage surrounding this election.

“I just want to hear that you're thinking of things that'll bring our country in a good direction and prepare for future generations,” she said. “I care about what's going on 20 years from now, 50 years from now.”

Topics like terrorism, education, and the economy are all topics undecided voters will use in deciding who would best serve in the Oval Office.

“The police issue is the biggest thing going on right now, how they're going to control all this and how they are trying to get everything to a normal state,” said Mike Scarella of Throop.

Undecided voters are hoping to get their first chance at seeing candidates talk about issues without reading a script.

“Well, actually to see what they truthfully feel, how they are actually able to express themselves without having to read of a script or a teleprompter,” Scarella added.

After Monday night’s debate, undecided voters will have 42 days until Election Day to make up their minds.


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