Cycling for Livestrong at the YMCA

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DUNMORE -- The Greater Scranton YMCA hosted a biking marathon in Lackawanna County on Monday. An employee of the YMCA in Dunmore had a goal: riding a stationary bike for 10 hours.

Colin Getts began riding the stationary bicycle at 6:30 a.m., moving toward his goal of helping cancer patients and survivors. Getts is the sports and wellness coordinator at the Greater Scranton YMCA. He's pedaling for 10 hours to raise money for the YMCA's Livestrong program.

“Most people are affected by this disease. They've had it or a loved one has battled it or passed away from it. It's a good program to keep going,” said Getts.

Getts pedaled away in the lobby of the YMCA in Dunmore, but he wasn’t alone. Anyone could throw a couple of dollars in the jar and jump on the bike next to him and pedal as long as they’d like.

Getts welcomed the company. After all, 10 hours in one place, doing the same thing, can become tedious. Ellie Pohlod of Scranton is one person who came to help Colin fight cancer and raise money for Livestrong.

“There's not really anything like it here in Scranton. It appeals to a whole community, and it's something everybody can get involved in,” said Pohlod.

Pohlod was the first to help. Getts is thankful she won't be the last.

“There's a bike right next to me. Donate a couple of extra dollars. You can come ride for a little bit. That way, I don't go completely insane,” said Getts.

So far, about 100 people have signed up to be part of the Livestrong program at the YMCA. Getts says every cent raised will be used to offset expenses and to bring in additional instructors to help those cancer patients and survivors "live strong."