Woman Charged with Assault on Unborn Child

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SPRING TOWNSHIP — Police in Snyder County have charged a woman with assaulting an unborn child.  She’s accused of hitting a woman who was 8 months pregnant with a car door.

Police said it happened in a parking lot near Middleburg earlier this month. Investigators said it started as an argument between a mother and her ex-boyfriend.  As they argued, officers said the man’s new girlfriend April Yocum of Middleburg hit Amanda Todd with a car door.

Todd was 8 months pregnant. Police said she was knocked to the ground. Yocum drove off.  When Todd got to the hospital, police said it was difficult for medical personnel to find a heartbeat for the baby.

Yocum talked with Newswatch 16 and said this has been blown out of proportion. She said the baby was born Monday and is okay.



  • Roy

    Unborn “Child” definately addresses the fact that there are still some laws on the books that states that an unborn is still a “child” or human life. If only Roe vs Wade would have done this along with all the abortion providers and supporters! God made us human AT conception. We are babies inside and outside the womb.

    • GFu

      Thankfully we live in a free country where your stupid opinions won’t stop people from choosing their own destiny.

      If you don’t like abortions, then don’t have one.

      If you want to force your religious views on others then go find a theocracy country to live in

  • Larry

    but i didn’t think it was a baby or felt any pain until it was born………… since 1972 isn’t that what we have been brainwashed with ? what am i missing ? got to love the logic in that

  • Linda


    What type of disgusting animal attacks a woman and her unborn child! Wow that boy friend, who must also be scum, is a big winner for choosing this psychopath for a girlfriend.

    My thoughts and prayers to the mother and her child. Get that dirt of man to pay for child support for the next 18 years. And DONT give him visitations if he hangs soon out with scum like that. It’s bound to happen again. BE SMART AND STAY AWAY.

    • do not prejudge

      Calm down. These are only allegations. This hasn’t gone through the court process yet. Did we forget about O.J. Simpson already? We all thought he was guilty but he was found innocent by a jury of his peers.

    • E

      No super genius, after three months the law defines it as a child not a fetus. Lol. Just think if you took the time to educate yourself on this topic instead of making an uneducated statement to be the center of attention. Ha ha ha! Duh coal miners.

      • MisterPL

        Just a couple weeks ago, WNEP disagreed with you. Of, and so does the definition of “fetus.”

        Try again, “coal miner.”

      • E

        @misterpl. It doesn’t matter what wnep says, they are a news station and aren’t responsible for medical definitions. Lol. I enjoyed your “try again cosl miner” sign off ha ha! I know you are descended from a coal miner so why accuse me of the same heritage? Is that all you’ve got, just repeat it back to someone. Duh no you’re a coal miner duhhhhhh! Ha ha thanks for the stupid response.

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