Wanted Robbery Suspect and His Mother Found Dead

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- A man wanted for robbing an elderly woman in Clarks Summit was found dead.  So was his mother.

An autopsy was done Friday morning on the bodies of Daniel Singer, 21, and his mother Bonnie Shelp, 58.  The coroner said afterward that he is waiting on toxicology results before determining the manner and cause of death.

The bodies of Singer and Shelp were discovered in a home along Manning Road in Scott Township on Thursday.

That came not long after police identified Singer as the man they believed robbed an 89-year-old woman right in her own driveway in Clarks Summit on Tuesday.

Police said no foul play is suspected in the deaths but both are considered suspicious.

The Lackawanna County District Attorney is expected to release more information on this case Friday afternoon.


  • Krystal G

    After I was labeled as a monster by authorities and my own disgruntle parents Ms. Shelp did what was right realizing I was doing a great job raising my boys. She will be deeply missed, its sad to know she battled this addiction, this shows nobody is perfect! My condolences to the Shelp/Singer family.

  • gloria210blog

    There are those who evidently don’t comprehend the word COMPASSION. I am one who does NOT rubberneck accidents. In fact, I deplore the people who do. Each to his own. Not everyone who feels compassion for others is foaming at the mouth, slavering for drama.

  • S

    Well all i have to say is she was a Guardian Ad Litem took my child for smoking weed and now come to find out she’s a heroin addict smfh

  • Gloria Yatsko

    Sadly, a young man and his mother expired due to the use of a highly addictive drug that has the likelihood of causing those who use it to commit crimes that they would otherwise never have committed. This does not make the lives of two people a trivial matter. It is always a tragedy when one loses a life due to any abuse, whether alcohol or drugs is the underlying influence.

    • yup

      What Sam, put a restriction on our freedom of speech? I say maybe channel 16 should withdraw the comments section all together if it offends others and others it doesn’t. I don’t know you Sam but by all your posts on here you strike me as a neo-nazi, fascist kind of guy.

    • WTH

      Usually neo-nazis are TOO outspoken! lol! That being said, you remind me of the cowardly crown who refused to acknowledge the emperor had no clothes! ignoring a problem NEVER makes it go away..some things aren’t worth the time of day but when you start seeing mothers and sons dying from overdoses side-by-side, and mothers daughters getting arrested together for dealing Houston has a HUGE problem!

  • rev. greenbuds

    Scrantony, I agree with 99% of your posts and I’m pro Trump, but aren’t you being a little harsh on marijuana? This sounds like a heroin situation. The human body can live without marijuana after addiction begins, but it can not live without heroin. Hence the extreme need for money.

  • Maybe...

    Fine affluent white male into the claws of sin and evil dug into him? Isn’t it a little early in the day to be drinking my friend?

  • CeeMe

    Something happened that was the final straw. No doubt a wall will help enormously, Trump for President and I hope these two are now at peace.

    • WTH

      That’s interesting considering he was lauded as a POS and she was lauded as an awesome person who helped people and the original story said they were shot..so lots of confusion in the beginning.

  • Marvin

    There is an epidemic of stealing, addiction, domestic abuse, suicide, promiscuity. This is a direct result of people trying to fill a void that can only be filled by God. The farther this country gets away from the principles of God’s Word, the worse things are getting. Fact.

  • Jason

    She was a great woman that did what was right for kids… You will always be loved and never forgotten for all that you have done…

    • Doc McStuffins

      Evidently she didn’t do what was right for her own son or else maybe she would still be alive. The old cliché the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree comes to mind.

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