Tulsa Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting

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TULSA — Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby has been charged with manslaughter in the first degree, Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler told reporters Thursday. Shelby fatally shot 40-year-old Terence Crutcher after his SUV broke down last week.

Attorneys for the family of Terence Crutcher say they are “happy charges have been brought” against officer Shelby and that they will be seeking a “vigorous prosecution.”

The attorneys also expressed gratitude toward the Tulsa Police Department.

“Today, we are thankful to TPD, we are thankful to Chief Jordan for providing information to the District Attorney’s office, and we are happy that charges were brought,” attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons said in a press conference. Shelby was charged with manslaughter in the first degree for the shooting death of Crutcher.


  • Ivan The So-So

    I wont damn this officer. Its a woman, small stature. Coming on scene of a large male, disobeying commands. I would feel threatened also, and in todays times with what police face everyday. A simple traffic stop can get a good officer killed. I think I understand her side. K makes a good comment.

  • K

    “A good cop can’t sleep because he’s missing a piece of the puzzle. And a bad cop can’t sleep because his conscience won’t let him.”

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