Man Pretends to Help Couple with Finances, Writes Checks to Himself

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TAMAQUA -- A business man in Schuylkill County was convicted of bilking an elderly couple out of more than $300-thousand dollars last year.

Officials say Alfonso Picone of Tamaqua met the couple at his family's restaurant, La Colce Casa, in Tamaqua and offered to help them with their finances.

They say Picone then used the couple's bank account to write checks to himself.

Officials started investigating after Schuylkill County Senior Services noticed something wrong with the elderly couple's finances.


  • Down with Alfonso

    This guy’s entire assets should be liquidated to pay this poor couple back and then some. Then let’s see if he still is smiling.

    • Down with Alfonso

      Actually that is how all fraud cases like this should be handled.. The court should order that the person’s assets should be taken and sold to pay the people back. Yeah, I like this idea.

  • Justice is served

    As many people rushing out to defend him, I assure you there are a lot of people who have been wronged by Alfie. He’s basically the reverse Robin Hood, stealing so he can keep up his public persona because that’s all he cares about. Dude’s a scumbag through and through, hope he gets absolutely ruined.

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