Man Dead After Standoff in Ringtown

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RINGTOWN---"This neighborhood has never seen anything like this, I mean it's a quiet neighborhood, everybody watched over everybody."

Ronnie Meeks of Ringtown came home to SWAT teams and tactical equipment in his quiet neighborhood, as units surrounded a home on Spring Street.

Officials on scene said a 33-year old man was inside his parent’s home, armed with his young daughter, refusing to come out.

"I was taking a nap and I woke up and I came out, I couldn't find my husband and everything, and anyhow, I went out looking for him on the porch and he started telling me,” said Marie Trexler who lives nearby.

"The SWAT team, they were parked right over across the street here and they got out and got dressed up you know with all their…and they walked down that way,” said Bob Trexler.

Eventually, officials said the man released the child, then took his own life.

"This was an isolated incident at no time was anybody in the public in danger, the state police took control of the situation right from the get-go. They had total control and they handled it superbly,” said Ringtown Mayor Albert Breznik.

"Unfortunately someone ended his life, but you know I guess he had reasons,” said Meeks.