JROTC Honors Veterans, POW’s, MIA’s At Panther Valley Football Game

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LANSFORD -- As the Star Spangled Banner was sung, a large American flag was unfurled on the field at the Panther Valley Football stadium.

Members of the Panther Valley Junior ROTC held the flag during a ceremony honoring military veterans here in Carbon County.

“It`s really important to actually be a part and honor our veterans,” said JROTC Kendra Nelson. “We respect them so much in our community that we need to show them how much we respect them.”

“It’s extremely important, they`ve given so much and this is the least we can give back to them,” said JROTC Sarah Markovich.

Several veterans’ organizations were invited to participate in the event serving as members of the color guard and honor guard.

“It`s great. It`s fabulous, we never got a welcome when we came home from Vietnam, we were veterans so it`s great for something like this to go on,” said veteran Glen Troutman. “It really gives us a proud feeling that somebody cares about us.”

The ceremony is to specifically remember those veterans who were captured during combat, the POW`s and those gone missing in war, the MIA`s.

“I feel it`s important because every year we honor the veterans that come home, we honor the ones that we see wearing the uniform on Veterans` Day and Armed Forces Day,” said JROTC Noah Easterly. “I feel it’s important to honor the ones that didn`t come home, you know the POW`s, the MIA`s. That they are not forgotten, their names are not lost.”

“I think it`s great. There should be more of it. This is the first time we`ve come here or any other school to do this,” said veteran William Fisher.

As the brief ceremony ended with the playing of taps, it was a moment to reflect on the brave ones who never made it home.

“Those we`ve lost, those that can`t be here with us, they need to know that we`re still here for them,” said Nelson.

Last Friday was National POW-MIA Recognition Day so that`s why the Panther Valley Junior ROTC> decided to honor them at tonight`s game.

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