Heartbreaking Video Shows Toddler Trying to Wake Mother After Overdose

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Warning: Some may find details in the story and video disturbing.

LAWRENCE, Mass. – Video shot in a Dollar Store Sunday morning shows just how heartbreaking drug addiction can be.

Recorded in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the cellphone footage shows a young woman on the ground, unresponsive, while her sobbing, 2-year-old daughter tries to wake her up by shaking and dragging her.

The incident occurred in the store’s toy aisle Sunday morning.

Police told WBZ-TV that in about 10 percent of the drug use cases they respond to, children are present.

In this case, the mother is going to be charged with child endangerment, according to authorities. The child is in protective custody; the woman does not have any other children, police said.

First responders used two doses of Narcan to revive the woman, who also allegedly had straws and baggies with drug residue in her purse.

It’s believed she overdosed on either heroin or fentanyl.


  • Mike

    I really hope this woman turns her life around for the sake of her daughter. How could you chose drugs over your child especially when she’s such a sweetheart?

  • nancy

    This is too heartbreaking. Something needs to be done to the people filming this also.. how can you stand there and listen to that poor child crying, obviously scared to death.

  • K

    Doctors and Parents need to STOP doping their small children up on Adderall and other similar ADHD/ADD drugs. By the time they are adults they are so addicted to Amphetamines they need stronger stuff. Just because a child day dreams or is disinterested in something doesn’t mean they have a learning disability, it means you suck at teaching that child. Do your research in how to get a child tested and retested for a disability before doping them up. Its more to it than just explaining it to the doctor. Actual tests, and more than one need to be done.

  • Bobbie DelPino

    That poor baby I feel sad for these kids subjected to this. And the people leaving the baby, there more worried about making a post than to comfort a innocent toddler SHAME ON YOU why is there more emphasis on videos than human compassion

  • Thin the herd

    Too bad she survived. The child should have a better mom but I’m sure plenty of down-voters will think the kid is getting the mother she deserves.

  • Tonja

    One these people are ignorant to be filming this tragedy, but two this poor baby needed to be comforted abd these A**hole just kept on taping, let alone don’t even speak English. Like WTH. Peoples ignorance discuses me.

    • Tiff

      Even more disturbing then her mother laying on the floor all but dead? Ya I don’t think so!! She probably wouldn’t be comforted by strangers anways. Perhaps they should have tried but I’m glad they recorded this, it shows what a scum bag her mother is right along with the other addicts out there that would rather do drugs then be parents. The mother can rot but that poor baby I hope she gets the family she deserves and never has to be back with her biological mother ever again.

  • randy wells

    I think that she made the choice to use and it’s her choice . I really have a problem with the people filming this . if they have the time to film why don’t they do something to help or comfort the child ? are they as detached as the drug dealers selling this garbage ?

  • Erika

    Instead of comforting that child you video tape them begging there mother to wake up! Sickening anything for a video worth posting

    • El Ma

      If you don’t like America, then take a trip to Saudi Arabia, or Spain. Stay for a while. Then, you’ll have a frame of reference for your complaints.

      • Lacey

        Were they complaining or just making a point? I mean this type of crap is pretty regular in the good ole USA anymore right?!

    • mary connors

      Very sad,,,,,,,,thank god they got to her….and Frank do you have any idea what state this country is in with the drug epidemic???? You could have a little more feelings for another human being

      • Frank Rizzo

        Its not an epidemic, its a choice, a very bad choice. Nobody is forcing anyone to use drugs, buy drugs, sell drugs. Its always a choice. Once you make that choice, what ever happens, happens. Society shouldn’t waste a dime on low life scum like that.

      • El Ma

        Mary, it’s not about “having feelings,” but recognizing that we don’t have any control over what other people choose to do to themselves.

        Sadly, if I want to fly a plane, drive a car, open a business, sell insurance, or practice medicine, I must apply for a license and pass myriad requirements before that license is granted. Anyone is “allowed” to reproduce, even when it is the most senseless action imaginable. People can bring another human being into this world without meeting any standards or prerequisites. They can be addicts, gamblers, molesters, alcoholics, murderers, rapists, liars, swindlers….the list goes on.

        So, it’s not about “having feelings,” I don’t believe. It’s about people becoming fed up with all of the labels that excuse any individual’s choices, actions, or behaviors. They “can’t help themselves.” Well, this woman can be PREVENTED from bringing another child into this world by having her tubes tied – this kid is going to grow up carrying the mother’s shame and the role that dysfunction plays in society has become the epidemic, not the choice to abuse drugs.

      • Phil Low

        She’s not a human, she’s a junkie. She chose to destroy her life and as long as she is alive she will destroy the lives of everyone around her.

      • K

        I cant guarantee she was a curious kid with lots of energy and they deemed her to have ADHD/ADD so they doped her up on Amphetamines. Now she is an adult and is so addicted to those amphetamines that she needs something strong now..
        You don’t just go out and do Heroin, it all starts somewhere. Shes probably in her 20’s..the ADHD/ADD epidemic

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