Distracted Driving 101 at Bloomsburg University

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BLOOMSBURG -- Students at Bloomsburg University got a lesson Thursday about a growing problem: distracted driving.

Kathleen Kocher is driving way too fast while sending text messages -- a recipe for disaster. Luckily, Kocher isn't really driving. She's taking part in a program at Bloomsburg University called "Unite's Arrive Alive Tour." Even so, Kocher and her friend Lindsay Carl are sometimes guilty of texting and driving in real life.

The Arrive Alive Tour is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The crew travels to schools all over the country to teach students the dangers of drinking and driving, and texting and driving.

Taking the test while trying to text didn't work out well.

After the driving experience, depending on how you do, you might get a ticket.

"You were swerving quite a bit. You drove off the road, obviously. You hit that tree and then went straight through that red light…and you almost hit a little girl."

"Knowing that other people are on the road texting and driving, that they have a lack of control of the car, and if I'm doing it as well, there's a much more likely chance that we're going to crash," said senior Lindsay Carl.

And that's what the Arrive Alive team hopes each person who goes through the simulator says.