Will Millennials Matter in the Election?

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WILKES-BARRE -- Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is set to speak Wednesday night to college students in Wilkes-Barre.

Much of her campaign rests on attracting the millennial vote, but how much do those young people care about the election?

Stein is scheduled to speak at Wilkes University's Student Union ballroom on South Street in Wilkes-Barre at 7 p.m. She's hoping to attract students saddled with debt to vote for her, but we couldn't find any on campus who plan to.

Last year, millennials overtook baby boomers as the biggest generation in the United States. They're people born between the early 1980s and around the year 2000, like these Wilkes University students.

"The 2016 presidential election with both Clinton and Trump certainly adds an element, but with Johnson and Stein in the race as well, I think the students are excited," said Wilkes political science professor Kyle Kreider.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein hopes to convince millennials buried with student loans to vote for her, but Stein and the other candidates may have to do more to convince them to vote at all.

"It's honestly like hit or miss. Some people care. Some people couldn't care less," said Wilkes senior Elija Olsen.

And some people, including sophomore psychology student Lauren Esser, are just not aware of third party candidates.

But many students at this liberal arts university who talked to Newswatch 16 plan to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

"I feel like Hillary's been in the office, like, knows what's going on, but I mean I never really know what can happen once someone's elected," said Esser.

All the students we talked with say they do plan to vote in November.


  • Tj

    So they spoke to students at a liberal college that pushes liberal propaganda just to tell us the brainwashed students are voting for Hilary??? I would like to ask them why they plan to vote that way? Please tell us her accomplishments? Why is she promoting whats blm is doing????

  • Delia

    I don’t think it really matters about a bunch of useless , entitled , Millennial’s who have absolutely no ounce of brain cells or morals whatsoever and that nobody really cares about anyway

  • Cory Conway

    Perhaps students, and local voters overall would be more aware of third party candidates like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein if you chose to cover their campaigns more. Your station plasters “Your Voice, Your Vote 2016” up and down any political story published or broadcasted here. 62% of Americans as cited by a Quinnipac University poll, and 82% of millennials want to see Gary Johnson in televised debates. How can it be “Your Voice” if WNEP forces the same bipartisan nonsense down the collective throat of their audience?

    • bryce

      I was thinking the same until I did some research and realized Gary Johnson= Hillary Clinton. They’ve done business with the same people for the past decade here and there. I’m waiting for the debate to be cancelled. As far as “the millennials”? How did “generation x” get roped into the same class as catching Pokeemans and blocking traffic for the people with jobs with a pointless guilt trip display? There are videos of these college kids signing petitions to tear down Mt. Rushmore because it is racist. Wuhhh? They are mostly BRAIN DEAD, and hopefully won’t figure out how to vote. Not like it matters after the DNC fraud…

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