Trucking Company Building in Bradford County Gutted by Flames

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WYSOX TOWNSHIP -- A fire burned at a trucking company in Bradford County after more than 15 hours.

The fire started Thursday before 9 p.m. in Wysox Township at J.R. Bennett's Trucking building.

The owner said it's tough seeing all this rubble from a company he built up on his own.

This company is known for shipping milk all across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

Viewer video shows flames higher than treetops at the J.R. Bennett Trucking Company garage in Wysox Township Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, fire crews were still on the scene as smoke continued to fill the sky more than 15 hours after the fire first started at this trucking and service company.

Kelly Barrett is a mechanic for J.R. Bennett and spent his morning scrambling to see if there were any truck keys that didn't melt in the fire so drivers could still deliver the milk.

"The milk got hauled today; I'll tell you what happens tomorrow," Barrett said. "One day at a time. We'll fix everything back up and put it back together and keep going."

In addition to trying to extinguish the fire, crews also laid down absorbent pads and barricades to contain a lot of water that was mixing with oil inside this building.

"Difficult, can't get enough water on it and we have water running down into the ditches and creeks, so trying to alleviate that stuff," said Wysox Volunteer Fire Company Chief Brett Keeney.

The chief said once they found 2,000 gallons of oil along with 60 brand new tractor tires, the decision was made pretty quickly that crews were better off letting the building burn than trying to deal with any potential environmental concerns from runoff.

"Doing overhaul and found a bunch of oil started burning, so we decided to kill ourĀ attack and not flush oil down the river. We shut the lines down and basically let it burn."

A state police fire marshal is expected to investigate Thursday.

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