Police Looking to Identify Suspected Razor Thief

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TAYLOR -- Police in Lackawanna County are looking for help identifying a suspected thief.

Officers in Taylor say a man grabbed nearly $300 worth of Gillette Fusion razors from Price Chopper on Monday.

Police released surveillance video of the man showing him stuffing the razors in his pants.

Authorities believe he also stole razors from a Price Chopper in Dunmore Tuesday morning.



    He looks like he’s on Heroin. Scranton is saturated with drug addicts. Drive down Main Street in West Side any time of the day or night, and watch all the drug deals in progression.
    Hopefully he wasn’t planning on using the blades in those razors to lace Halloween candy.
    I always hoped that Scranton would “clean-up”. But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. I feel sorry for the kids who live there.

    • Ur Crazy

      Trust me if he is a junkie he IS NOT going to put them in Candy!! He is going to sell them 300 worth for 150 an get his fix. They do this to support habit Not hurt innocent kids.

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