Owner of Commonwealth Health Exploring Possible Sale 

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The owner of several hospitals in northeastern Pennsylvania announced it is exploring a possible sale of the company.

Community Health Systems, the owner of Commonwealth Health, says it is in the very preliminary stages of exploring its future options.

Community Health Systems is one of the largest for-profit health care systems in the nation.

The company says there's no certainty there will be a sale.

In our area, it owns Wilkes-Barre General, Tyler Memorial in Tunkhannock, Berwick Hospital and Moses Taylor and Regional Hospital in Scranton.


  • aycaramba

    No it’s because CHS has hungrily gobbled up new hospitals up and down the east coast merely to make a profit and satisfy their shareholders (i.e. corporate greed). They then act like they care by throwing a bunch of money at these new acquisitions, beefing up upper management uneccessarily, overworking and underpaying and understaffing their nurses, making false promises to their physicians, and showing general ambivalence regarding actual patient satisfaction and improved patient outcomes all the while wondering why the census is down.
    Good quality healthcare will pay for itself. Listen to your healthcare professionals and proceed with your patients’ best health in mind instead of the almighty buck!

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