‘Immigration Simulation’ at Misericordia University

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Immigration is one of the biggest issues in this year's presidential race and a university in Luzerne County wanted its students to look at immigration through the eyes of immigrants.

Immigrants becoming U.S. citizens often attend naturalization ceremonies at federal courthouses, like the one in Wilkes-Barre.

On Tuesday, students at Misericordia University learned that getting there can be a long and difficult process.

"What we hope that the students get out of it is an understanding of what migrant people go through when they're trying to enter our country," said Sr. Jean Messaros, Misericordia University campus ministry vice president.

The students may be Americans, many never having even left the country, but on this day, they're all foreigners. During a workshop at Misericordia University, about 100 students pretended to be immigrants trying to get into the United States.

First, each student had to fill a cup with beans they picked up off the floor. The task symbolized the work and fees required to just get to the U.S.

"They only have so much money and they must take that money and get their family to wherever they must go, and they may not all get there," explained Sr. Jean Messaros.

Sean Ferry works in campus ministry and says the current political climate may confuse people about the realities that immigrants may face. He hopes activities like this help students gain a broader sense of the world.

"It also helps them to be more compassionate, and that's what compassion is all about."

Many students say they lessons they learned in this class can be applied in the real world.

"I think by Trump saying he's going to build a wall and stuff, it's not going to change anything .If they're going to come here, they're going to come here," said freshman Kenneth Gredy.

Misericordia University is also celebrating Mercy Week this week and hopes exercises such as the immigration class teach students to be more compassionate.


  • bryce

    I’m going to try to become a Swiss citizen by just going there…… I Googled it, and I can’t because they need more than metaphors and fairy tales to jump their borders. They must be racist against white people. It is the only answer my feeble brain can come up with.

  • Liberal Academia Indoctrinates

    Didn’t realize that building a wall would make legal immigration harder. Oh wait, it doesn’t. Only makes illegal immigration harder.

  • Mark

    All immigrants should learn our language, culture, and borders. Follow the process, pay taxes, and raise your kids in line with American values.

    The problem is how the liberals have weakened our culture and values. Lackadaisical policies on homosexual relationships and interracial breeding. No constitutional definition on a national language. Letting people do whatever they want, as long as it’s for “love.”

    The more we integrate races and cultures, the harder it is to get along. “Diversity” is the crackpot idea that it might work someday. Do you see it working? I don’t either.

    Vote Trump. It’s our best shot at restoring our national branding.

  • CeeMe

    Waste of time. Immigrating to a completely new land, has always been hard. The process to stay here, should be difficult, as it’s our country and quality of life on the line, not like people are checking into a hotel for a two week vacation.
    Immigration today is out of control and future generations will feel the effects, if we aren’t destroyed first. If immigrants are so great, why can’t they fix their own countries? Make them more like the U.S. if that’s what they want. Donald Trump’s views make sense and aren’t hateful, but I guess with the passive attitude that everyone will and should come here anyway, there’s not much hope left.

    • CeeMe

      Not all immigrants pick beans and the college was using beans as a metaphor for how hard it is for some to collect the money they need to come here and how hard and involved the process is. All those people not picking beans, fruit and such, are likely taking jobs from Americans.

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