Dallas Boy’s Cross Country Team Looking For 6th Consecutive Conference Title

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Their off and running. The Dallas boy's AA state cross country champions. It's a team built on power at the top with junior Jack Zardecki, balance through the middle led by senior Jason Culp and a core of runners like Josh Wyandt, Mitchell Rome and Adam Borton eager to improve.

"Oh! Absolutely. We are looking at it again. It's a very difficult thing to when you are on the top the only way to go is down," said Matt Samuel.

"We totally didn't expect it, but expected that we we're going for 1st or 2nd and it just played out really well that day. We all great races and the state championship isn't something you can experience unless you are there," said Jack.

"We always have high goals going into every season, and being a senior he kind of expected me to step up being a leader. I've been here since my freshman year, so I kind of already know how things work," said Jason.

One thing Dallas is very proud of is the league championships they're looking for their 6th in a row in the Wyoming Valley Conference. It's team first at Dallas.

"For us it's a unique sport because it's individual in nature, but doing well as an individual helps our team do well," added Matt.

If history is any indication in the state in AA district II dominates. The last three years consecutive years state champs came from this conference. Two from Dominic Hockenbury from Lake Lehman in 2015 and 2014 and the 2013 state champion was Dominic Deluca from Dallas.

"I'm really working this season summer training plays a big part in it. Hockenbury is gone now so I'm just looking at myself worrying about myself so as long as coach is doing what is right and hopefully get better everyday," again said Jack.

Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports reporting from Luzerne county.