Massive Cleanup for Muncy after Severe Storm

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MUNCY -- The National Weather Service was in Lycoming County Monday looking over damage caused by Sunday night's storms.

The severe weather brought down trees and hundreds of homes and businesses remain in the dark.

The National Weather Service believes straight-line winds are to blame for all of the damage.

Several homes were damaged by the storm. A woman was inside her bedroom when the tree fell onto her house. She made it out –safely.

This storm is so widespread that homes, businesses, and even a school district were all impacted by this violent storm.

Schools were closed in the Muncy area after the storm left plenty to clean up.

"There's trees crashing in the roads and the buses, they wouldn't be able to take the kids to school," said Abby Edkin of Muncy. "I knew it was going to rain, but I had no idea it was going to be this significant."

Besides a broken window and a few loose shingles, the school is OK.

Muncy's Superintendent Craig Skaluba says it could cost thousands of dollars to repair the athletic fields.

"Fence on the football field, a tree through the baseball field, a tree in the dugout," he said.

With all of the debris and even some power lines down on the sidewalk, there was no safe way for some students to get there. Also, the elementary school still doesn't have power. The hope is that all of this will be cleaned up by Tuesday so students can get back to school.

"Everything started to shake inside the house, so I told them to go down to the basement."

Sterling Kepner went home to clean up his yard on his lunch break.

The National Weather Service assessed damage to several other homes.

Emergency Management officials say about a dozen homes were severely damaged by the storm. At least three families are displaced.

Young Industries, an equipment manufacturer for the chemical industry, says repairs to their building could cost over $100,000.

Emergency Management is considering declaring a state of emergency. They are asking anyone with storm damage to report it to their municipality.