Many Vendors Up and Running at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- A name you see a lot at the Bloomsburg Fair is "Denny and Pearl's Pizza." The vendors are based in Nescopeck and they spent the day Monday getting set up for the fair.

"This is our home fair. We've got nine stands so we've got a lot to set up," Michael Krolikowski said.

Krolikowski tells Newswatch 16 he and his family actually started setting up last week.

"We begin pulling in trailers that week, and then we come in here today and for the next three days we'll be setting up this stand," Krolikowski said.

The situation is similar for many vendors at the Bloomsburg Fair. Walking up and down the aisles you'd think the fair started already, judging by the number of stands that are already set up, but the vendors say, that's because they have a lot to do.

"A lot of cleaning to do. Just sort of beating the crowd because there will be the normal carnival crowd that follows the fairs," Roger Starr said.

When it's all said and done, there will be around 1,200 vendors at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Roger Starr of Millville has two stands and wanted to make sure he got set up as soon as possible.

The people we spoke to tell Newswatch 16 the ones who have come in are mostly local.

"The quicker you can get in, the less you've got to maneuver and the easier it is for you and everybody else," Peanut Greenzweig said.

Some of the vendors were even cooking, making sure their equipment was up to par. The vendors we spoke with say they are happy because the weather has been ideal for setting up their stands.

"The weather's been perfect but who knows what's going to happen fair week! It always rains on fair week," Starr said.

The Bloomsburg Fair officially starts on Saturday, with Preview Day on Friday. Preview Day is a chance for the vendors to test out their equipment, and for all of you to come at a reduced price.