iPads Replace Books at Pottsville Area High School

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POTTSVILLE -- In chemistry class, students at Pottsville Area High School weren't flipping through pages for questions and formulas, instead, they were looking at iPads.

The Pottsville Area School District is the first in Schuylkill County to give all students and teachers the latest editions of the Apple product for class.

Rachel Rubright studies foreign language.  With the iPad, she can put all her terms in one place making studying more convenient.

"It's made a world of difference when it comes to studying. It makes it so much easier. All of my stuff is right there," said Rachel Rubright, a senior at Pottsville Area High School.

The iPads are programmed to shut off if stolen or if the student goes on dangerous websites.

School officials researched other districts across Pennsylvania and decided the best bet was to replace books with newer technology.

"We wanted to make sure we are providing our students with the best tool they can so they can achieve success right into the workforce or post-secondary or even in the military," said Pottsville Area Superintendent Jeffrey Zwiebel.

Students are finding the iPads can not only be used for classes like math and science, they can also be used for applying to college.

"I go on the Common App when I do my college applications so I can have them done and ready so when I'm ready to completely apply for them I already have most of them done," said senior Rebecca Sites.

The school district paid Apple $1.6 million for the iPads, believing, in the long run, the investment will be cheaper than books and better for its students.


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