Pocono Commuters Concerned After New York City Blast

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Every weekday morning before dawn, thousands of commuters begin the trip from the Poconos to New York City.

Now as police continue investigating the blast in Manhattan that injured 29 people--as well another explosive device found nearby--some commuters we met in East Stroudsburg worry about what they will face Monday morning.

“I am going to be more alert,” said Iesha Flores. “Let's just see what happens. If not, I will just be calling out of work.”

23rd Street is one of the busiest streets in the city. There are many offices and large stores in that area.

Victoria Rosas of Stroudsburg said her mom plans to take the day off.

“She decided not to go in because it's going to be a lot, the traffic, the impact on the people, and God forbid anything happens,” Rosas said.

Some people we met in the Poconos say the news from the city makes them glad they gave up the commute.

“Thank God no one is dead, and thank God I do not have to go,” said Lajoyce Brookshire of East Stroudsburg.

Kathleen Carr of Stroudsburg is relieved her husband Timothy no longer makes the haul from Monroe County.

“Everything is up in the air. You never know what is going to happen. It's difficult when you send a loved one in every day,” Carr said.

Steven Harper of Stroudsburg works for the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Keeping an eye out for threats is part of the job.

“I pray for all the families, but at the end of the day, I gotta go to work so I am gonna go,” said Harper.

New York City’s emergency management tweeted that some streets remain closed and people who work in the area should be prepared with ID.

Officials say the subway station near the blast at Sixth Avenue and 23rd Street should be open in time for the morning rush hour, but some entrances may be closed because they are part of the crime scene.


  • Me

    I used to work in the city. And every morning I’d see this nutcase standing in the middle of Wall Street yelling for everyone to go home. Haha. Rain or shine. Always w a cup of Starbucks at his feet. My point….people in this country are whacked….much too focused on work. As crazy as that guy was , he was right. The most important thing we humans have is time. Quit making that miserable commute to the city. Get a job close to home or work for yourself and enjoy your life, your family, your kids, your hobbies. Forget about that crazy merry go round.

  • WTH

    yeah because nothing bad ever happens in the poconos right? you can be just sitting in your living room a catch one in the head while watching tv because your kids got mixed up with lowlifes! Terrorism is terrorism! No matter the source! What if NYC came to a complete stop after 911? back in the 80’s i had the chance to move there and opted out because I knew it would become a hub for drugs and gambling!

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