Senior Health Fair Attracts Hundreds

MOOSIC -- This is the fifth year for the Senior Health Fair at PNC Field in Lackawanna County. It's a chance for hundreds of senior citizens to grab some samples, brochures, and even a free screening or flu shot from one of the more than 50 vendors and stands.

Barbara Taluto knows her way around the circuit of stands.

"Some of my friends wouldn't even think about coming," said Taluto. "They would say, 'oh, we don't need to go.' But it's very important. If you fall, there's a lot of brochures to tell you things about preventing falling, and things to prevent a lot of different things."

One of the reasons seniors say they come back year after year is you can find a little bit of everything and all in one place.

"Not only for the free things but just to learn the information they give. They have home health and a lot of different things you could really use."

As one of the younger participants, Marty O'Connor is quick to admit this is his first time at a senior fair.

"As you get up there in years, your mobility decreases and your opportunity to travel is less so if you can go to a one-stop shopping, you're good," he said.

A one-stop shop for your health each and every year courtesy of Lackawanna County.