Rape Charges Dropped in Bradford County Rape Case

TOWANDA -- Rape charges have been dropped against a man who was accused of abusing a girl for nearly eight years.

Ricky Carter of Hughesville was charged with sexual assault in July of last year.

The victim told authorities the abuse started in 2006 when she was 8 and lasted until she was about 15.

The Bradford County district attorney chose to drop the charges against Carter after the victim stopped cooperating with investigators.



    This article doesn’t indicate that the girl was lying, nor does it say that he was innocent of the charges.. It just says that “the victim stopped cooperating with investigators”. Maybe the girl is messed up after having been sexually abused for years, or maybe she feels responsible in some way, as some victims do. How can most people understand what life is like as a teenager when you’ve been molested since childhood? Maybe she wants it to just go away. But she should charge him if he’s guilty, or clear him if he’s innocent.

  • Tiffany

    and they should make the brittany lovette chick who wrote the first article retract and apologise for making him sound already found guilty when he was innocent all along!


    They didn’t say that he didn’t do it, they dropped it because the women wouldn’t cooperate, IDIOTS!

  • Due Process is a thing

    Will the ACCUSER be sued defamation of character? Will the ACCUSER be charged with obstruction of justice? Will we even learn the identity of the ACCUSER?

    The media drags the name of the ACCUSED through the mud on another person’s word but, as a matter of POLICY, protects ALLEGED victims by hiding their identities.

    If the media insists on identifying the ACCUSED long before due process can take its course, then the ACCUSER should be identified as well. No double standards.

  • Becky

    I feel you should do a report on this I know he is willing to do a interview. There is alot more to this story and the accuser is of age now.

  • Due Process

    When does the accuser get charged with obstructing justice? When does the accuser get sued for defamation? When do we at least get to learn the accuser’s identity?

    The media can drag anyone’s name through the mud so long as they’re the ACCUSED but they protect the identity of ALLEGED victims as a matter of policy.


    • good ol' boys network

      Welcome to the corruption and cronyism that goes on inside the Bradford county courthouse. This past June the state attorney generals’ office served a search warrant on the Bradford county D.A.’s office. Items were seized and removed. The county has been keeping this hush, hush since June. Stay tuned.

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