Penn State Honoring Joe Paterno

STATE COLLEGE -- This coming weekend, Penn State will honor the late Joe Paterno and his players before Saturday’s game against Temple University.

This is a recognition some people say is long overdue.

The university will honor the former coach on what will be the 50th anniversary of his first game as head coach of the Nittany Lions – a game that Penn State won over Maryland in 1966.

Joe Paterno died in 2012.

Still, his legacy is complicated by the Jerry Sandusky scandal that resulted in Paterno’s firing.



    The man is dead end of story. Why don’t you dig him up and let a judge convict him. The people killed him. Personally I was on a train similar to that. But I said something instantly. If you wait 15 20 30 years to say something your just an idiot. Rest in peace Joe. My wife and I love ya.

  • penn state is weird

    I thought conspiracy involving child abuse molestation was illegal in Pa. It must only be legal on the Penn state campus. That’s weird. So I’m guessing if registered child molesters move to Penn state they do not have to register anymore? That’s weird also! Penn state is theirown country huh? That’s also weird.


    Honor a man who harbored the dirty secrets of a child molester he called a friend? Sadly, thousands will partake in the ceremony. Ignorance is bliss.

      • ozzycoop

        Paterno admitted to it. He said he went to the board but they were like “eh whatever” so he did nothing more. When in reality he should have gone to the police or threw the pedophile to the curb. They were all too worried about tarnishing the football program. Paterno chose to work next to a pedophile for all those years and call him friend.

    • fissels

      Folks, take some time and study the facts of this case, not the narrative that the media has fed us. Joe reported what he knew. It wasn’t up to him to follow anything up. All the facts are here: www,

      • BE NICE

        If you only read the material written which claims his innocence, you will likely believe that he is. But if you read all of the articles and statements written, from multiple sources, including court documents which reveal he knew about Sandusky’s sick and criminal activities for decades, and ignored it all, for the most part, then you will have to deal with the reality that you are not ready to believe. Ignorance truly is bliss, but it’s also nonproductive and harmful to society in general. It allows bad things to keep happening. Wake up and deal with reality.

      • Juan Motime

        What court documents said he knew? Let the lawsuit and criminal trials play out. I know that most of you trolls are backporch lawyers and know the difference between sworn and unsworn testimony, rules of evidence and, of course proof beyond a reasonable doubt (in criminal cases) and a preponderance of evidence in civil cases. Go ahead, guys. Look up those in your law books or better than that Wikipedia. Then go have a back of Cheetos and a couple Budweiser beers and go back to telling us how smart you are. Henna..

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