Cemetery in Schuylkill County Expanding

MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- There is now more room at a cemetery thanks to a mother's wish.

Saint Fidelis cemetery in Mahanoy Township is the second oldest in the township.

It has been around since the 1800's.

Generations of families are resting here - so many, it's almost at capacity.

"My great grandparents and two of their children are actually buried there."

For Donna Dicasimirro it was looking like anyone in her family who wanted to one day rest with their loved ones wouldn't be able to.

But the church that owns the cemetery -- St. Teresa of Calcutta Church in Mahanoy City -- has announced it is expanding Fidelis with some help.

"It's a part of their identity, and of course their family -- parent, grandparents, are all buried in these cemeteries. So it's really important and it is ashamed some of them are absolutely filled. St Joseph's is absolutely packed… there's no room left,” said Father Kevin Gallagher of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

The main reason the expansion is possible is because of a Mahanoy City native, James Curvey, who no longer lives in the area but is still honoring one of his mother's last wishes. She is buried here and, before she passed, requested he always take care of this place.

"He's actually brought his children and his grandchildren down to show them the area and telling them that the responsibility will fall to them."

This cemetery will double in size with room for about a thousand new plots. All of which will be paid for by the Curvey Foundation.

A son gets to honor his late mother's wishes and more generations have a chance to one day rest in peace next to those they love.

“We know many people who come back from the city from across the country -- who want to be buried here with their family because family is the core,” said Donna Dicasimirro of Mahanoy City.

The cemetery’s newly expanded area will soon be blessed, and plots should be available by next month.

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