Woman Counts her Blessings After Crash

BLOOMSBURG -- Ruby Burt sat along East Street in Bloomsburg and watched as a driver veered off the road, hit a parking meter, hit a washing machine, and slammed into a tattoo shop. The car missed Ruby's house by just a few feet.

"I was just sitting here and I just heard this car coming and I thought, 'oh, my gosh!' The guy just went right past me and hit over there," Burt said.

Bloomsburg police believe the driver had a medical condition which caused him to crash. Jody McHenry's boyfriend owns Stormi Steel Tattoos. She lives above the shop, and was home at the time of the crash.

"(I heard) a very loud crash," McHenry said, adding she came outside to check it out.

Despite all of the damage, McHenry feels she and her boyfriend were lucky in a way. The damage could have been much worse.

"They didn't hit the gas or anything, yeah. It could've been much worse. His aim was good," McHenry said.

Ruby Burt also feels lucky. She could have been hit by pieces of the washing machine and the car could have hit her house.

"If they would've hit this corner, there's no telling where I would have been right now. But the good Lord had his hand on me and here I am," Burt said.

The incident scared Ruby, but it hasn't stopped her from sitting in her favorite spot.

"Didn't hurt me a bit," Burt said.

There is no word on the driver's condition, but witnesses say he was alert and talking after the crash. As for the tattoo shop in Bloomsburg, it was closed for the day, but the owner expects to open back up again soon.