Two Men Charged With Terroristic Threats Following Montrose Area School District Lockdown

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- Two people are under arrest in Susquehanna County in connection with this week’s lockdown of schools in the Montrose Area School District.

45-year-old Matthew Brand and 29-year-old Adam Bohn are charged with making terroristic threats.

The schools were briefly locked down on Monday after the Susquehanna County Sheriff's Office was alerted to the threats.


    • BE NICE

      …because being angry and stupid is a bad combination. They scared a whole school full of kids who have to go back there tomorrow and pretend not to be afraid. Lock these two idiots away forever and do society a great big favor.

      • All The Facts Would Be Interesting

        What really prompted those two to demand money and threaten these people? Definitely not a good situation for any and all the children that were involved but seems those parents have some serious issues to deal with and questions to answer themselves!!

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