Truck Crashes, Dumps Sand


ROARING BROOK TOWNSHIP — A dump truck crash in Lackawanna County tied up traffic Thursday afternoon.

We were there as crews uprighted the truck after it dumped a load of sand at the intersection of Route 348 and Route 435 in Roaring Brook Township, near Moscow.

Police say the truck lost its brakes and flipped trying to turn, dumping sand all over the road.

The driver was not hurt.

Route 435 was shut down until the sand was cleared away.


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      Giving the fact it was a short article don’t be so quick to judge. Doesn’t mean he WAS or WASN’T being safe as why he lost air. Being a CDL driver yourself… you should know this. It could happen to anyone of us. Just because you “think” your a safe driver doesn’t mean one day something won’t happen to you. Then some Ahole is going to comment like this on an article and you can feel like these people do. Stop being so judgmental. Makes me sick… and you wonder whats wrong with this world. Glad everyone is safe.

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