Longtime Hanover Township Business To Close at End of Month


HANOVERTOWNSHIP —  A business in Luzerne County that’s been open for more than seven decades is closing at the end of the month so its owners can retire.

The Fred Schuler Incorporated building on the Sans Souci Parkway near Wilkes-Barre has had several names and various businesses over the years.

“We had a body shop, we had a service on cars, we had a Nissan franchise for a while, so just about everything,” said Robert Schuler, now a co-owner.

But at the end of the month, the building may not have any name attached to it. Schuler and his family, who have run it for the past 70 years, are retiring.

“It will be a little bit sad, my dad built the building himself,” he said.

The business has also meant a lot to many of its customers, some who have been coming here for decades.

“I think I got my first car here many years ago, I don`t even know how long it`s been but all my cars, I`ve gotten here and never had a problem,” said one customer.

Now the Schuler family wants to find someone to sell or lease the building to.

“We`re hoping that someone will move into the building fairly soon so Hanover township has the tax base and we don`t have an empty building here,” Schuler said. “We have to close it, it’s time, we have to finish up and close it.”