West Hazleton Proposes Ordinance to Ban Signs on Poles

WEST HAZLETON -- It's already against state law to staple or nail fliers to wooden utility poles, and soon in West Hazleton, there will be an ordinance to ban fliers or signs on all poles in the borough.  To ensure this ordinance is followed, anyone caught could face a $50 fine.

“Next month is when the ordinance will come for the borough to review and if everything is OK and everything is legal enough they will pass it,” said borough manager Jane Mikulca.

West Hazleton Borough Council just voted to have their solicitor draft the ordinance and prepare it for a vote at next month's meeting.

Council is expected to quickly enact the ordinance that will remove unsightly signs, especially in some of the recently renovated areas.

“With the new Broad Street corridor, all of the poles are brand new.  So we just don't want, you know, the people put flyers up for yard sales and they never take them down. We just want to do away with that all together,” Mikulca said.

There are newer poles as part of that corridor project, and for the borough not only is it unsightly to see signs up, but people keep forgetting to take down the signs. Even when they do, the tape is ripping off the paint.

“It kind of hurts business. You should be able to advertise beer signs and specials that you were running,” said a bar owner who used to put signs advertising on the poles in front of his bar.  He won't anymore in fear of fines.