Safety Project Planned For Stretch of Route 220

WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- PennDOT has a $20 million safety plan that could help prevent crashes on a deadly strip of road in Lycoming County. Newswatch 16 met drivers who are left wondering if anything can be done to make Route 220 safer.

The sign says 55 but Robert Steinbacher knows drivers aren't always obeying the speed limit on Route 220 when they pass his home in Woodward Township.

"I mean you can stand right there and listen to them. I mean they are flying out there," said Steinbacher.

Earlier this week, in a span of about 24 hours, there were two deadly crashes along a stretch of Route 220.

"We call it the death highway, 220 death highway," said Steinbacher.

According to PennDOT, between 2011 and 2015 there were 164 crashes on that strip of Route 220 and three of those involved fatalities. These numbers are enough to show why PennDOT has already started work on a $20 million project in Woodward Township.

"We cannot plan improvements accident by accident," said Mark Murawski.

It's why PennDOT and Lycoming County’s planning department want to address what causes most crashes: drivers pulling onto and off of Route 220.

"Pretty much everything we are doing is access control type things, the jug handles, there will be accel lanes installed," said T Jay Cunningham. “We are going to add basically a spot for you to go right, to ultimately down the road and go into a jug handle to reverse direction and go the opposite direction,” he continued.

"We want something done. We're not sure what PennDOT is planning is going to work," said Steinbacher.

Steinbacher and his neighbors would rather see stop lights put in. PennDOT thinks traffic signals would cause more congestion and potential crashes. Work on the safety project on Route 220 is expected to begin in 2019. It could take two years to complete.


  • Dan Kunes

    I drive this road 4 days a week. I call it the “whatever” road, meaning you can whatever speed you want. Very seldom do you see any enforcement on this road, and when you do, it is in the predictable three locations. Traffic lights won’t help at all with the issue…the issue is lack of speed enforcement. I don’t know what speed they will actually pull you over for but if your under 70mph you’re safe. I feel like an old lady when I have cruise control set everyday and watch them fly by me…but then again, I’m trying to arrive alive…

    • Nicole

      I know what you mean! I go 50 through there and I am passed by cars that are going 65 or more! Sometimes it seems like I am not even moving because cars are going so fast by me! I have to make the drive from Lock Haven to Williamsport three times a week now and I am really dreading winter time going threw that stretch!

  • David Edwards

    I drove that 220 from Avis to Williamsport daily for years working in Newberry and later Brodart before they moved to McElhattan , The people today have cars speeding and can handle to cars No red lights needed and no road changes but driver change in their habits PENN DOT doe lok at difference in driving by todays drivers



  • Barb Wire

    If people would obey speed limits, use set belts and stay off their cell phones this would help. Another way to slow people down is install cameras that capture speeders license plate number speed and issue heavy fines for speeding on this highway. The police could also set speed traps and patrol the highway more. All accidents can’t be avoided but many can.

  • keith hinkel

    Pa and all states must begin installing a new PC system and cameras that will stop the speeding with heavy fines starting at $5000 per each mile per hour over the limit.

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